Daniela Cățoi is a Bucharest-based Romanian porcelain jewelry designer.

She has an artistic education, holding a Bachelor’s degree (2010) and a Master’s degree (2013) in Graphics from the Bucharest National University of Arts (Romania).

Shortly after finishing her studies, Daniela worked as a full-time art teacher for a secondary education. In 2013, she began collaborating with the National Palace of Children in Bucharest, where she has taught ceramics since the beginning, as well as painting for a while. Along with this professional change, Daniela began to focus her artistic career in the field of ceramics, especially porcelain, studying and experimenting as a self-taught different techniques, finishes, compositions, etc.

Daniela’s works mainly focus on nature, with a concentration on the small, often unnoticed details of natural elements, structures, and textures. Her works are entirely handmade from porcelain, combined with pigments, lusters, and colloidal gold. The creation process is fully supported by serious photographic documentation or a sensitive, personal experience.

Her main focus is on studying and developing new forms of contemporary porcelain jewelry using themes from the fascinating surrounding world. Her aim is to fully explore them to draw as much attention as possible to the sublime and pure beauty of raw nature.

Daniela Cățoi Handmade Porcelain (Bucharest, Romania)

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